Theses and Jobs

Research courses, BSc and MSc theses

If you are interested in internships, lab rotations, BSc or MSc theses in the Gutjahr lab please check our teaching website for more details and contact Caroline Gutjahr.

PhD and Postdoc positions

Postdoc position available 

For more information please click here.

If the your profile does not fit with the advertised position please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Gutjahr to inquire for support to write a postdoctoral fellowship application.

In addition we are happy to accept outstanding individuals (PhD and Postdoc candidates) who can attract their own fellowship. If you consider this possibility please contact Caroline Gutjahr with your CV and a detailed motivation letter describing your research interest and why you would like to join our lab. Suitable PostDoc and PhD student candidates will receive support during the fellowship application process. 

Non-Personalised applications and those which do not express a clear interest in our research are not considered.


Postdoc candidates living abroad can apply to:

TUM University Foundation Fellowship
Marie Curie deadline 12th September 2018
Humboldt Foundation application any time
FEBS deadline 1st October 2018
HFSP deadline 23rd August 2018
Leopoldina Postdoc Stipendien (only for Austrians and Swiss) 

German resident doctoral student candidates can apply to:

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Böhringer Ingelheim
Cusanus Werk

Doctoral students living abroad can apply to:

Böhringer Ingelheim